Hardship Requests for "Tuition" Assistance

1. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to provide for a means by which individuals and families may apply to the Everett Youth Hockey Booster Club (EYHBC) for tuition assistance to pay for, based upon availability, in full, or in part, for funds to cover the cost of Everett Youth Hockey (EYH).

2. Applicability: This rule is intended as a means for EYHBC member families and individuals who would like to apply to register or are registered for Everett Youth Hockey, EYH Teams, be it Recreational, Tier, or Select.

This in no way is a guarantee.  Funds may only be disbursed if available.

3. Definitions:

A. Qualifying Organization: all Everett Youth Hockey, EYH Teams, regardless of the level, be it Recreational, Tier, or Select.

B. Tuition Assistance Awards:
Recreational up to $960
Tier II up to $1440
Tier I up to $1920
…based upon articulated need and pending fund availability

C. Complete email correspondence: Includes from, to, date, time, subject, and a conclusion. 

D. Urgent Request: Means a request that is received by the EYHBC Director prior to the next regularly scheduled board meeting but the resources requested are needed prior to that board meeting.

E. Letter of Application:

1]A Letter, from an individual or family of a registered player or player who hopes to register with Everett Youth Hockey for either a full season, addressed to the Everett Youth Hockey Board of Trustees requesting tuition assistance. This letter shall be written on the application form.

2] The letter should state:

a. why tuition employment is requested

b. any extenuating circumstances

c. what part, if any, the applicant intends to pay of tuition

d. an agreement to provide EYHBC with, at minimum of 25 hours of “service” by a family member in a hockey season [August-March]

e. past hockey history either here or in another association and how present financial circumstances jeaporadize continued involvement in the game of hockey.

3] Applicants may, BUT ARE NOT REQUIRED TO, provide accompanying documentation of financial need to include:

a. statements from Employment Security

b. bank statements

c. income tax statements

d. paycheck stubs from employers

e. any other documents the applicant sees as supportive of his/her/their request.

f. Medicade slips

If applicants choose to submit personal documentation they MUST redact personal information such as dates of birth, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and other personal identifying information. The intent here is to show need, not to infringe upon privacy. All such information will be kept confidential.

F. Reasonable means that which a reasonable person would find acceptable.  The EYHBC Board of Trustees shall decide at the end of the application period.

G. Application Periods:

            a. June 1-September 15

H. Applicants must be EYHBC members.

4. Policy

A. It is the policy of the EYHBC that all requests for Tuition Assistance from all applicants and intended applicants of Everett Youth Hockey and EYH Teams, regardless of the level, be it Recreational, Tier, or Select must be in writing and made in a timely fashion during the application period.

B. Complete email correspondence is considered “in writing.”

C. All requests so made will be considered by at least a quorum of the full board of EYHBC.

D. EYHBC Board will normally act upon such requests at the next regularly scheduled board meeting.

E. If the request is “urgent” the EYHBC Board may act upon the request via email.

F. If the Urgent Request is acted upon via email the email correspondence must be maintained and added to the minutes of the next board meeting.

G. While it is understood that hockey players often attend camps, schools, clinics, etc. it is the intention of the EYHBC Board of Trustees that “Tuition” for Hockey itself should come first.  It is expected that families applying for “tuition assistance” will exhaust whatever financial resources they can devote to tuition first prior to their application for tuition assistance.  Families’ individuals who may have expended resources on other hockey related activities may be questioned by the board, either by mail, email, or in person to explain their expenditures or how their circumstances have changed since expenditure of resources within a reasonable timeframe.

H. The board will decide if the request is “reasonable”. Reasonable requests should normally be granted.

I. Denied requests will be documented in writing.

J. Upon being awarded Tuition Assistance the applicant is committing to 25 hours of volunteer service to the EYHBC.

K. If volunteer hours are not worked; applicant is not eligible for Tuition Assistance in the future.

5. Procedure

A. Any applicant or intended applicant of Everett Youth Hockey regardless of the level, be it Recreational, Tier, or Select may make requests of the EYHBC in accordance with the policy as set forth above.

B. The Board of Trustees will consider all such requests at the next regularly scheduled board meeting or by email [as set forth above]

C. In the event the Board of Trustees rejects a request for resources the Board shall notify the requestor of its decision, in writing, at least.

D. Requests shall be made between June 1 and September 15.

E. Applicants may make application for part tuition if such is all is needed for assistance:

            a. example, applicant can pay for ¼, ½, 1/3, etc, of the year’s "tuition"

I. Other unplanned situations or eventualities

6. Availability of Funds:

a. Funds must exist in the designated “Tuition Assistance” account of the EYHBC.  No funds, no tuition assistance.

b. The Tuition Assistance funds will be funded at the discretion of the EYHBC Board of Trustees.

7. Payment of Funds:

a. Tuition Assistance funds awarded will be paid directly to Everett Youth Hockey by the EYHBC.

b. Payments will be made in 3 installments to EYH.

i. Installments will be made at the EYHBC’s discretion and completed by December 31 unless extended in mutual agreement with EYH.

c. Tuition Assistance funds can be with held or canceled if volunteer hours to the EYHBC are not being worked.

i. If volunteer opportunities are not available; this situation will be taken into account

8. Volunteer Hours:

a. 25 volunteer hours are mandatory upon receiving tuition assistance.

b. Volunteer hours must be at an EYHBC event or an agreed upon, in writing, event.

i. Coaching or managing a team. Volunteer hours at EYH events or tournaments do not satisfy the volunteer hours requirement.

ii. Working the 50/50 at Everett Silvertips games does not satisfy the volunteer hours requirement.

c. Family members can work towards the required volunteer hours

d. During volunteering the expectation is to put forth full effort for the event. The EYHBC reserves the right to dismiss volunteers who are not putting forth the effort or presenting themselves in a manner that is expected without credit for their volunteer hours.