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EYHBC Issuing Subsidies to Members that register for EYH camps
March 25, 2016

Hello Everett Youth Hockey Families!
The Everett youth Hockey Booster Club (EYHBC) is happy to announce that through it's fundraising efforts over the last year there will be a subsidy issued to it's members that register and pay for selected Everett Youth Hockey (EYH) and Everett Silvertips camps and clinics. All camps and clinics are included save the Beginner sessions. Please read on for more details.
For folks that register and pay for one of the Everett Youth Hockey or Everett Silvertips camps and are members of the EYHBC for the 2016/17 season you will receive a $40 subsidy which will be applied to your EYH registration fees.
NOTE: Joining the EYHBC for 2016-17 will begin by May 1.
The news is even better for supporters who were members of the EYHBC during the 2015/16, your subsidy that will be applied to your EYH registration fees jump to $120!
This is great news but we have even better news for our goalies!
The EYHBC has always supported the development of goalies even more so than players and this time around is no different.

The development of the few goalies in the sport is a high priority, we think you would agree.
Register for the Everett Silvertips Goalie Camp and the EYHBC will apply $295 for members in 15/16 and 16/17, $100 for members just in 15/16 or $30 for non-members to your EYH registration fees.
To realize the full benefit of this subsidy make sure you are an EYHBC member for this season (2015-16). Click below to join.
Soon (by May 1) we will be offering memberships for the 2016-17 season. If you are not a member before this, you will miss out on a huge portion of the subsidy.  
CLICK HERE for Camps and Clinics
You must join the EYHBC prior to attending a camp's first session AND you must register to play with EYH by July 1 2015 for the subsidy to be paid. The subsidy will be applied to your EYH account after September 21. Only one subsidy per player will be allowed.

Membership has it's benefits!

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