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EYHBC buys over $30K in goalie gear
May 24, 2016

Well, as most everyone has guessed and after the EYHBC finally let one of the cats out of the bag. We proudly announcing the purchase of over $30,000.00 in goalie gear for EYH.

Believe us, we are over the top excited about it too! We thought we should highlight some folks who helped us in this journey.

First on the list, The Everett Silvertips. Words cannot even begin to express the support that Garry Davidson, Zoran Rajcic and the entire staff provide. A major portion of the funds came from the 50/50 fundraiser at the Everett Silvertips home games. Again thank you to the Silvertips for the opportunity to operate the 50/50.

Next up is Brian Thompson and Rayel Simpson from Drywall Recycling Services Inc. for the incredible donation of the shelving. A big shout out to Rick Comeau and the operations staff at XFINITY Arena for their continued support and willingness of giving us a big chunk of the warehouse.

Major props to Shane Clifford, goalie coach of the Everett Silvertips, for the introduction to the folks at CCM, to the staff at CCM for the expert advise and incredible support.

And finally we would like to thank Mike "Nuke" Nouque and Gary "Gus" Gusinsky, the boys (and their boys), volunteered many hours in the back room assembling, unpacking, labeling and arranging all the gear. Nuke is starting the process of applying all the graphics to the goalie helmets, each helmet takes approx 90 minutes to disassemble, apply graphics and reassemble. He has over 40 helmets to "pimp" out. The guy never stops. When you see him give him an atta boy for us.

Stay tuned for more huge news coming soon !

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