Scholar Athletes of the Month

April 2014
Keiton Klein

Keiton is currently playing for the Everett Junior Silvertips Peewee Tier II team.  He has been chasing pucks since 2007 when he had his start as a Whatcom Warrior in his home town of Bellingham.  Keiton works hard to develop his hockey skills and thinks that being on a team with his friends is the best part about playing hockey; that and using his slap shot.  Keiton attends middle school at Whatcom Day Academy in Bellingham where his favorite subject this year is social science because he has enjoyed working on his National History Day project.  In his free time he likes to shoot on his hockey tarp, play mini hockey or hockey video games, watch reality TV shows (Gold Rush is the current favorite) and pass the time texting with his hockey friends on his I-pod.

March 2014
Brandon Moran

My name is Brandon Moran and I am 7 years old.. This was my first year playing hockey for the EYH Mite Kodiaks, and I really think it's a lot of fun!!!  I started skating when I was 5 ½ years old, at Comcast Community Ice Rink.  I really enjoy playing hockey and am really looking forward to more. I go to Mt. Pilchuck Elementary School in Lake Stevens and I am in 2nd grade.  I just was awarded the “continued high academic achievement” award.  This award is given to students that continually have good grades in all subjects. I really like learning and enjoy school. My favorite hockey teams are the Silvertips and The Chicago Blackhawks. Patrick Kane #88 is my favorite Blackhawk and Mirco Muller is my favorite Silvertip.


Brandon #22

September 2013
Chad Minaker


Hi, my name is Chad Minaker.

This year will be my third year playing hockey and this season I'm playing for the EYH's Tier ll Bantam team.

I've been selected for September's Scholar Athlete of the Month.

I attended Olympic View Middle School last year and this year I will be going to Kamiak High School as a Freshmen.  I have been in Honors classes since 6th grade.

I've been with EYH since I started playing hockey and can't wait to play another season!

July 2013
Caden Pattison


My name is Caden Pattison and I am 12 years old.  I am an Assistant Captain for the EYH Peewee Jr.Silvertips Tier II AA Team and play center.  I have played hockey since I was 4 years old.  I like to play hockey and baseball. I go to North Lake Middle School in Lake Stevens and going into 7th grade. I was Student of the Month in May and take challenge math and language arts.  I got a 3.8 last semester but 3 out of 6 my classes I had over 100%.  My favorite hockey team is the Chicago Blackhawks and my favorite player is Patrick Kane. My favorite subject in school is social studies.  When I grow up I want to go to school at the University of Washington and then play hockey for the Chicago Blackhawks.

May 2013
Carson Jackson


My name is Carson Jackson.  I am 10 years old.  I was the captain for the 2013 NPSHL Champion EYH Squirt Kodiaks.  I started playing hockey when I was 5 and can’t seem to get enough of it!  I am in 4th grade at Sunnycrest Elementary School.  My favorite subject is math and I even participate in Hi-Cap math at Sunnycrest.  This spring I am learning to play baseball which is a lot of fun.  My favorite teams are the Everett Silvertips, Vancouver Canucks, and the UW Huskies.  See ya on the ice!

Carson #6

April 2013
Dominic Bauer

Dominic was born in Seattle on April 10, 2000. He has been playing hockey since he was six years old. He currently attends Cedar park Elementary near Mill Creek, and works very hard to get good grades. Dominic enjoys playing video games, watching the Huskies and hanging out with friends. He is very passionate about hockey and enjoys being part of a team. Last season Dominic played for the EYH Pee Wee Grizzlies.

Mar 2013
Gusta Beard


My name is Gusta Beard.  I am 14 years old and attend Marysville Pilchuck High School.  I play left wing on the Everett Grizzlies Peewee team.  This is my first year playing hockey and I've enjoyed it very much.  Outside of hockey I enjoy playing my saxophone and being a pianist in my schools jazz band.  Also I like helping my 6 year old sister work on her skating skills.
Gusta Beard

Feb 2013
Konner Greene


Hi my name is Konner Greene.
I am 11 years old and play for the Everett Youth Hockey Peewee Jr. Silvertips Tier II AA team.  I started playing hockey when I was 4.   After I watched the first Mighty Ducks movie and a Silvertips game I wanted to play.  My goal is to get better at puck control and better shooting.
I am in 6th grade and my favorite classes are Shop and Social Studies.  When I grow up I want to go to the UW and get drafted by the Vancouver Canucks or design shoes at Nike.

November 2012
Nikolai Gusinsky


Hi my name is Nikolai Gusinsky. I am 10 years old and I play for the Everett Peewee Jr. Silvertips Tier ll AA team where I am also an alternate captain. I started playing hockey when I was 5, after watching a Silvertips game, and wanted to try it. I love it and all the ice time I put in is never enough. I love this game, and, I am really enjoying playing this year, because we get to travel a little more, and play harder games.   My goal this year is to get a lot more hockey knowledge, and use it on the ice.

I am in 5th grade, and my favorite subjects are history, P.E. and math. This is my last year at my elementary school before going into middle school, and so far, this year, is really cool.

I like to read and my favorite author is Peg Kehret. Her book, Earthquake Terror is one of my favorites. I like suspenseful adventure books.

When I grow up I want to play hockey at the University of North Dakota and then for the St. Louis Blues or maybe build airplanes at Boeing.

Nik #74

October 2012
Gordy DeLap

Hi my name is Gordy DeLap and I play center for the Bantam Grizzlies. This is my 6th season with EYH and I have always enjoyed coming to the rink. I am in 8th grade at 10th Street Middle school and my favorite subjects are math, band, and P.E. Last year I had a 3.9 GPA and I currently have a 4.0. When I'm not playing hockey I like to play xbox 360, fantasy football, and play drums. My favorite hockey teams are the Everett Silvertips, the Vancouver Canucks, and the future NHL team of Seattle.
Gordy #11

September 2012
Thomas Freeman

My name is Thomas Freeman and I am a freshman at Snohomish high school. I have played defence for ten years. I would like to go to UTI to be a automotive engineer. I like to ride quads in my free time. My favorite hockey team is the Washington Capitals.

August 2012
Zach Nield

My name is Zach Nield and I will be a Squirt player this hockey season.  I played hockey for the Everett Kodiak mite team and we had a great season.  I had a lot of fun this year with my friends, going to tournaments and birthday parties.  I attend Pinewood Elementary in Marysville; I will be entering 3rd grade.  I really like school and reading.  The best part of school is recess and lunch.  When I get bigger I hope to play hockey for the Silvertips or be an astronaut.  If I am not playing hockey, I like to ride my bike or scooter, swimming, soccer and video games.  My best hockey moment is going to Philadelphia to watch the Flyers play and skating out and being introduced with the Silvertips.  I have a brother, Reagan who plays hockey.  We got two kittens last year, which are nice.  We have an old cat named Flyer, she is very mean.  See you at the rink.
Zach -  #14

July 2012
Joshua Harrington

Joshua Harrington started his skating career at eight years of age in his dad's home town of Minot, North Dakota. With family support he braved the ice and enjoyed himself throughout the day. Shortly after returning home Josh went full force into the hockey world. Joining the Everett Youth Hockey program at the Comcast Arena. During his first year in the sport Josh was a “inspiration” for the team. Easy to talk to and get along with. Thru out his hockey career Josh is always looking to improve his skills and better his game. Therefore he attends many camps and programs to help him do that. Last season Josh played for the Peewee Bruins and looks forward to continuing his involvement in hockey in the up coming season.  Josh is also is very involved in school. He is in 6th grade at Eisenhower Middle school. Math is the class Josh enjoys the most. He too enjoys computer tech and science class. He would get up every morning on Thursday early to participate in a tech class before school. Josh was involved in advanced block class which is history language arts, and reading. He also loves to play his x-box live with his friends at times after school.

June 2012
Kai Myers

My name is Kai Myers and I currently am a squirt in Everett Youth Hockey.

This past fall I played for the Mite Kodiaks as a defenseman and we had a great season. I love to play hockey, whether on the ice or the street. I also like to play video games and listen to music.

I am in 3rd grade at Woodside Elementary where my favorite subject is math, though I enjoy reading as well. My favorite book so far is The Underneath.

My dream is to become an NHL player on the Sharks.

May 2012
Matt Clarke

My name is Matt Clarke. I played for the Jr. Silvertips Bantam Jr. Silvertips Team as a defenseman this past season where I also serve as the captain. I am in the 8th grade and attend Centennial Middle School in Snohomish.

When I am not on the ice I enjoy ripping up the dirt on my quads and dirt bikes and also going to Everett Silvertips games to root them on to victory! See you on the ice!

Matt #11

April 2012
Austin Ha

Hello world,
I'm currently a freshmen attending Marysville-Getchell Campus at The International School of Communications. Here, I am challenged by innovative teachers in a great new school, and also supported by a great community of students, teachers, and other staff. Last semester, I received a GPA of 4.0. This year, my favorite classes have been Video Production, Physical Science, Language Arts, and Music Lab. When I'm not on the ice, I do homework, run long distance with my school's track team, hang out with friends, make videos for YouTube and other places, and do a lot of odd hobbies. (Yo-Yo, cup stacking, solving Rubik's Cubes, making iPhone apps, etc.)
-Austin Ha

March 2012
Cameron Ford


Hi! My name is Cameron Ford and I play for the Pewee Jr. Silvertips Tier II team. I am 12 years old and got a 4.0 in the first semester at North Lake Middle School! Taking all challenge classes and received straight A's. Most of my time is spent at the rink or playing hockey, but when I'm not, I like to play videogames, do homework and hang out with friends. I also read tons of books. (The Hunger Games - can't wait to see the movie) I hope to go to a great college to get a well paying job. Keep it up me!

February 2012
Matthew Stark


My name is Matthew Stark and I play defense for the Everett Youth Hockey Peewee Bruins team. I have been playing hockey for 5 years. I started skating in Colorado, but I started playing hockey here. I go to school at Harbour Pointe Middle School and am in sixth grade. I have all A's and A-'s. My favorite subject is band because I love playing the trombone. My future goal is to play in the NHL for the Colorado Avalanche.

January 2012
Brendan Smith

My name is Brendan Smith, and I am a Senior at Marysville Getchell High School, School for the Entrepreneur and am currently the captain and a defenseman for the Everett Youth Hockey Midget Grizzlies. My favorite subjects in school are P.E., Math, and Social Studies. I have a 3.94 GPA and currently have been accepted to college at WSU, and University of Idaho. I am waiting to hear back from UW, and Seattle U and I am also going to apply to the University of Montana. I want to study engineering in college, and get a basic degree in either civil or mechanical engineering. After that I plan to get a master's degree in petroleum engineering. Hockey is my passion and will continue to play in adult leagues while I am working in petroleum

December 2011
Bethany Akers

I am Bethany Akers, I am on the EYH PeeWee Bruins team. I started playing hockey in Virginia when I was around 6 years old as a player. When I was 10 I was able to skate on the Washington Capitals ice as a flag bearer. About a year later we moved to Washington. For my first season I was a player but I wanted a change, so I became a back - up goalie. It has been a year since then and this is my first season as a goalie with my own team and I'm loving it.  

At school I'm in 8th grade and my grades are all A's and B's. I love P.E. and Band. I love P.E. because I can try all sorts of different sports and be active more than just at the rink. The reason I love band is because I love making music and I play the drums and percussion instruments. I want to get good grades and do well in hockey. My dreams are to be the first women in the NHL as a goalie and to do well in college and just have fun through life.


November 2011
Mac Styrk



Hey my name is Mac and I play for the Everett Midget Bruins. I am a freshman at South Whidbey high School on Whidbey Island and I know it sounds weird but history is my favorite class. The days I'm not at the rink I'm usually trying to find an excuse to hang out with friends after school or cheering on the South Whidbey Falcons sports teams. Its great playing in Everett and I can't see myself playing anywhere else.


October 2011
Liam Myers

Hi. My name is Liam and I am a fifth grader at Immaculate Conception school in Everett where I take pride in my academic achievements. I love science and social studies, as well as P.E. and of course recess. I am also an avid animal lover and really enjoy all types of dogs. Of course I enjoy playing hockey with all of my Everett Youth Hockey friends. When not at the rink I love out fishing my dad, swimming in the river, jumping of off rope swings, planking, going to Absolute Air Park where my current record is 7 consecutive back flips, and antagonizing my older brother MJ.

July 2011
Zach Nield

My name is Zach Nield and I play hockey for the Everett Kodiak mite team.  I attend Allen Creek Elementary in Marysville; I am in the first grade.  I really like school and am doing math and reading at a 2nd and 3rd grade level.  The best part of school is recess and lunch.  The only thing better then school is hockey.  I would live at the rink if my mom and dad let me.  I have lots of friends that play hockey and even one friend that plays for SJHA.  When I get bigger I hope to play hockey for the Silvertips or be an astronaut.  What I like to do on weekends is play video games, ride bikes, play hockey with my brother in the living room – my parents don’t like the marks on the wall – but we have fun.  My best hockey moment is going to Philadelphia to watch the Flyers play and skating out and being introduced with the Silvertips.  I have a brother, Reagan and a cat named Flyer, she is very mean.  See you at the rink.

Zach -  #14

June 2011
Adam Bingham

I am Adam Bingham and am an 8th grader at Cavelero Mid-High School in Lake Stevens.  I played Defense for the EYH Bantam Kodiaks during the regular season and am now playing on the EYH PeeWee/Bantam North Dakota team for Spring Hockey.
I can’t get enough of hockey!  When I’m not at the rink, I’m practicing shots in the garage or in the street with my Dad.  He and I also go to many early morning Stick-n-Pucks.  I have even found a way to incorporate hockey in just about every subject at school.  I wrote a persuasive paper for Language Arts to the school Superintendent asking them to consider school sponsored hockey teams and I recently presented my Gateway to Technology (a pre-engineering class) project to the Lake Stevens School Board – it was a fully to scale hockey rink designed on the computer using AutoDesk Inventor.  I am also a San Jose Sharks fan and although am disappointed they lost in the Conference Championship series, I am still proud of the way they played.
With 3 older sisters at home, my Dad and I try to balance it all out with lots and lots of hockey and a little salmon fishing, crabbing and COD mixed in as well!
See you at the rink!
Adam, #8

June 2011
Garret Powers

Hi, my name is Garret Powers and I played left wing for the Everett Grizzlies in the Squirt division.  I am 9 years old and look forward to turning 10 in August.  I have played for Everett since 2008 and have loved every second of it!!  I don't LOVE school, but I am really good at it!!  My favorite subjects are Math and Science, oh.and recess and lunch!  I will be a second year squirt in the Fall, and am currently playing in spring league.
I hope to play in the NHL like my grandpa and know that it takes hard work and dedication.  I am on the ice at least 5 days a week and am being coached to better my skills.  When I am not on the ice or doing homework, I enjoy playing video games, watching sports and playing mini hockey on the cool rink I have at home.

"Drop the puck"..Garret Powers #9

April 2011
Matt Ness

Hi, my name is Matt Ness and I'm a goal tender for the Everett Grizzlies in the Midget division. I am 15 years old and have been playing hockey ever since the Comcast Arena opened. I have a GPA of 4.0 at Stanwood High and my favorite subjects are math and band. I plan to move up to the tier ll division next year. I also plan to move up academically by taking as many AP classes as possible. Hopefully I can use those skills at a four year collage. Some people think I'm crazy to stand in front of an 80 mph slap shot... and there right. But I enjoy it. When I'm not robbing someone of the game winning goal, I like to watch sports, jam out on the drums, and hang out with my friends. I can't wait to get back to the rink and keep improving my skills and I hope to see you there too.

Happy hockey playing!!! Matt (the Mustang) Ness #1

April 2011
Nikolai Gusinsky

My name is Nikolai Gusinsky but everyone calls me Nik. I played center for the Squirt Kodiaks as an alternate captain which was voted on by my teammates at the beginning of the 2010/2011 season. I also played for the Squirt Select team as well. I am 8 years old, been playing hockey for EYH for 3 seasons now and attend Sunnycrest elementary school where I maintain a 4.0 grade point average and enjoy math, science and especially recess.

I am not away from the rink too much because I love hockey, but when I am not at a 6am Stick and Puck training with Coach Renny, at an open skate doing power skating type drills or at some sort of practice; I like to play on my xbox, especially COD. I also like to play baseball and inline hockey in the street or just run around in the woods with my friends and dog playing army. Fishing and camping in the woods are things I like to do too.

I have a dog named Sky, and a fish named Scout, which was given to me by my friend Triston. When I grow up I hope to be a pro hockey player, pro baseball player or an engineer at The Boeing Company.

See ya at the rink, Nikolai Gusinsky #4

March 2011
Gordy DeLap

Hi, my name is Gordy DeLap.

I am12 years old and play center on the Everett Youth Hockey Peewee Bruins team. I have been playing hockey for four years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I attend 10th Street Middle School in Marysville, WA. At 10th Street I have a 4.0 GPA. My favorite subjects are band, math and P.E.

My all time favorite Silvertips player was number 31, Leland Irving. He played goal tender and I liked him so much that we named our family dog after him. Our dog Leland is an Italian Greyhound.

March 2011
M.J. Myers

Hi, my name is M.J. Myers and I play forward for the Everett Jr. Silvertips Bantam AA Tier II hockey team.

I have enjoyed playing hockey for 7 years and hope to keep improving my skills both on and off the ice. My favorite hockey memory is scoring the 2009 NPSHL Championship winning shoot-out goal to help hang another banner in the rink for Everett Youth Hockey. When I am not at the rink, I enjoy skiing and going to skate parks. I currently attend Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Perpetual Help School in Everett where I have achieved a GPA of 3.86 for the fall trimester. My favorite subjects are math and science and I hope to enroll in the Everett High School honors program for in coming freshman for the fall of 2011.

Thank you EYHBC for recognizing my academic achievements.

Go Jr. Tips!

February 2011
Rylan Huot

My name is Rylan Huot. I play right defense on the Everett Youth Hockey Bantam Tier II Jr. Silvertips AA team.

I am a 4.0 student at Cavelaro Mid High School and in the future I hope to study advanced engineering and become a roller coaster tycoon.

I've been playing hockey for 8 years and being a defenseman, I enjoy bone crushing hits and turning my slapshot loose on goalies. Although hockey is my first love, I also enjoy playing golf and tennis. Some of my favorite memories of playing hockey through the years are the fun times playing on the same ice and my dad and sister. When I'm not in the penalty box, I like taking long walks on the beach at sunset, or I can be found enjoying a morning cup of Earl Grey tea with my mom, as we enjoy the sunrise from the porch. Whether I am on the ice playing, or following in my father's footsteps, teaching hockey, I feel like the ice rink is my second home.

Go Junior Tips!!!

February 2011
Alex Palagyi

Hi   -   I’m Alex Palagyi, I play hockey for the Everett Youth Hockey Squirt Kodiaks.  I attend Zion Lutheran School where my favorite subjects are religion and math.  Besides hockey I enjoy playing baseball, music, going fishing, shooting sports and video games.

One of my favorite hockey memories (so far) is flying from California at 6:00am to make a noon game in Tacoma and then scoring my first hat trick.  It was worth getting up at 3:30 am.

I’ve played at EYH for four years and made some good friends and learned a lot about hockey and sportsmanship.  My favorite NHL player is Alex Ovechkin which makes sense since I was born in Russia and have the same first name.

Thank you EYHBC for recognizing my school work.

January 2011
Ian Dootson

Hi, my name is Ian Dootson.
I am a center and an alternate captain for the Everett Tier II Midget combination team Grizzlies/Hornets. I am a freshman at Glacier Peak High School and carry a 3.9 GPA and I enjoy all my studies like math, science and language arts.
When I am not getting the extra ice at the rink I enjoy weight lifting, watching sports and hanging out with my friends. I am enrolled in drivers training and can't wait to drive myself to the rink for practices and games!

See You at the Rink!

Ian #5

January 2011
Luc Violette

Hi my name is Luc Violette, left winger for the Everett Youth Hockey Peewee B Jr. Silvertips.
I am in 6th grade and attend Granite Falls Middle School. I have maintained a 4.0 GPA for the last three terms and enjoy math the most. Away from school I enjoy Curling, baseball, golf, swimming, martial arts, video gaming and being with my family.
I have been playing hockey at EYH for 6 years and have learned a lot and enjoyed every minute at the rink. Best of all, I have made lots of new friends and hope to make more!

Luc #6

December 2010
Matt Clarke

My name is Matt Clarke. I play for the Jr. Silvertips Peewee "B" Team as a defenseman and where I also serve as the captain. I am in the 7th grade and attend Centennial Middle School in Snohomish with a 3.86 GPA.

When I am not on the ice I enjoy ripping up the dirt on my quads and dirt bikes and also going to Everett Silvertips games to root them on to victory! See you on the ice!

Matt #11

December 2010
Evan Bodenstab

Hi, my name is Evan Bodenstab and I skate on the Everett Squirt Kodiaks team as a forward and am an alternate captain. I am in grade 5 at Zion Lutheran School where I have won the Spelling Bee three times and finished 2nd once. I really enjoy Math and all the classes I have. I hope someday to make the Silvertips team or get drafted in the NFL. Away from the rink I play flag football and basketball which are helping me build my sports skills so that my dream can come true. See you at the rink!

Evan #12

October 2010
Mac Styrk

Hi, my name is Mac Styrk. I played for the Bantam Grizzlies last season and am an 8th grade student at Langley Middle School on Whidbey Island.
I have been an AP student since 5th grade and excel in Math & Science programs. I finished with a 4.0 this year and it wasn't easy. I made an agreement with my parents "School first, Sports second", so I was doing my homework on the ferry or at the rink before practices and late at night. One of my favorite classes is an elective, Adventure ED. Last year we went on a 5 day camp/hike through the Olympic forest and coast where I got to experience all sorts of new things.
I have been going to Tip's games and told my dad that I wanted to play hockey but didn't know of any place I could here on the Island so I was enrolled into the EYH Learn to Skate & Learn to Play programs and have had a blast since. Coach Renny keeps me on my skates and has helped me improve each time I step on the ice. I can't wait for this falls season!
Mac #11

October 2010
Shaelyn Huot

Shaelyn Huot attends middle school in Lake Stevens where she was awarded the North Lake Middle School 6th grade student of the month for December and maintained a grade point average of 4.0 while playing defense for the Pee-Wee Grizzlies coached by Ian Thomas all of last season. Shaelyn enjoys math and wood shop when it comes to her academic endeavors but, her true love is culinary.

The smooth skating defenseman aspires to have her own 5 star restaurant someday that she will of course be the head chef at and market her own brand of La Shae' cooking but in the mean time you can find Shaelyn at the rink honing her hockey skills, skating with friends during open skate and even helping young skaters learn to skate and become hockey players themselves.........after her homework is finished of course.

October 2010
Liam Myers

Playing last season for the Mite Kodiaks, Liam Myers not only kept the locker room lively with his quick wit and some of the funniest one liners anyone will hear, he also finished the third grade at Everett's Immaculate Conception with a 4.0 grade point average. Liam has always done well in school where his favorite subject is science which helps drive his ambition to be an astronaut one day.

In addition to being a scholar and hockey player, Liam is a very accomplished drummer/singer who has been playing since he was 5, and has done several performances at school and a public performance at last year's Everett Sausage Fest, playing AC/DC! All this plus cub scouts and his love to draw keep him extremely active.

November 2010
Chandler Ford

Hi, my name is Chandler Ford. I play for the Bantam Tier II Jr. Silvertips and am an 8th grader at Cavelaro Mid High School.

I am a good student, my cumulative GPA is 3.947, and my Grade Point Average for last year was 4.0. My favorite class is geometry.

Balancing homework and hockey isn't the easiest thing to do, but I always get it done.

I have been with EYH since day one, and can't wait to see what the 2010-2011 season will bring!

Chandler Ford #8

November 2010
Spencer Raub

Spencer not only brings his "A" game to the rink as a hard charging center for the Everett Youth Hockey Tier II Peewee Jr. Silvertips. He also brings his "A" game to North Lake Middle School 7th grade class with a 3.86 GPA, while excelling in Math & Language Arts.

Away from school and the rink Spencer enjoys skiing, video gaming, studying piano and family outings with his younger twin brothers.

Way to go Spencer, keep up the good work both in school and on the ice!

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